Sunday, February 13, 2011

Falafal's new wrap

Some time ago, I was intrigued by the BabyWearer's Do-It-Yourself'ers' discussion about fabrics appropriate for wraps, to go out and find a fabric to make my own wrap...again.

The first time I wanted to try wrapping, Wizard in his usualy skepticism convinced me to test out a DIY project to see if I can actually handle 6 yards of fabric going around me in a complex manner. Personally, even I wondered how long would it take for me to trip up in the carrier while I wrapped it. I'm a world class klutz, ask anyone. Or their mom.

My very first wrap carrier therefore, became to be a DIY gauze that of course I had to pimp up with stars and snowflakes (whichever come to mind).

After that turned out to be a success, only did I start buying the brand names as after a while Monster got heftier and my shoulders started knotting up.

This time, even though I am well stashed with german engineered wraps, I had an itch to make a DIY wrap for this little Falafal as well. Monster's wrap will definitely be her's forever, and I know I'd want Falafal to have a wrap to call his; something mommy made especially for him while she was waiting for him to come earth side.

In comes Osnaburg and out goes any shard of creativity I might have had. In a moment of desperation, I called for Wizard's input and dear old daddy wanted to have elephants on the wrap. Ummm, at first I felt a deep stab to my stumbling, cracking self-esteem and body image issues, but I manned up...mostly because I also couldn't change Wizard's mind, and started my search for the perfect pachydermous image to print on to the wrap.

I won't lie, I am loving the way these look. The more elephants I put in the herd, the prettier and cheerier does the Osnaberg bland tan look. I'm doing 4 prints a night every night, and have around 7 more yards of fabric to cover.

It's a labor of love, and I am also curiously waiting to see the final result.

Update, February 18, 2011: Here is what the Osnaburg currently looks like. It has also been named PachyWrap by a smart TBW member.