Saturday, February 27, 2010

The New Baby Bjorn

I always wodered if the designers at Baby Bjorn ever saw the carriers like Ergo, Beco or the mei tais and ever wondered "damn that looks comfortable for the parent!"

It was a mystery to me why Bjorn creaters wouldn't use a waist belt on their carriers. They have obviously spent a lot of time trying to make it user friendly, comfy and snuggly for the baby, why not spend a little more time in trying to make it comfortable for the parent? The narrow straps, awkward positioning and then lack of a waist belt, cannot be good for the the parent's shoulders.

I am so glad to report that they have indeed picked up a few pointers and here is their new Comfort Carrier.

Would you buy it? Add it to your registery? Give us a review? Share your thoughts with us below.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day is Sunny Sunnyside

I hate to admit it, that even though I am not a fan of snow, watching kids try to navigate fresh, powdery snow has to be a mother's best entertainment ever!

Do you have cute pictures of your own little Bambi? Share your photo blog, or share your pictures by emailing to

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why Monster and I are taking a break

For the last few weeks I was feeling increasingly tired. Add to that Monster's everyday spunk, accidents, tantrums and demands and there was a very fatigued, depressed and stressed out mother in the house.

I reached the end of my nerve one Friday night while having a heart to heart with the Mr. O: while relating my day and how I was feeling, my pitch got higher and weirder till I noticed a glint of fear in Mr. O's eyes. I took a deep breathe, tried to relax and went to bed very early hoping for a refreshing sleep.

After 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep (thank you Mr. O), I woke up sadly, just as tired as I was the night before. Still, the show must go on and while the family too slept in, I went out for an early load of laundry. Alone in the laundromat, I began noticing the fatigue from just bending over the washing cart, and from just folding one table cloth. "This cannot be normal, even if I am close to AF, this is NOT normal!"

I did some research and decided to try out supplements. Now, I'm not a huge fan of vitamin pills, so if I am desperate enough to take one, that alone says something about how bad it got for me. At GNC on Queens Boulevard and 47th street, I got to chatting with the rep and she hooked me up with a bottle of Big 50 Vitamin B Complex, with the instructions to start with one pill a day unless I don't feel any different and then to increase to 2-a day.

I have been a much happier mama, much more patient and with enough energy for my toddler. Of course, now I want all my readers to take a look into their diet and remember to stay well nourished. I don't mind being a little dependent on vitamin supplements (until summer when I can find more vegetables in farmers' markets), to be a good mother to my child.

The fog has lifted and I'm catching up with spending quality time with my daughter instead of plopping her in front of tv and collapsing in tears.

Hugs for all the children, and for stressed out moms everywhere.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Beyond Ergo, for our bigger Sunny kids

A certain SunnyMom wondered what her options are beyong Ergo for her preschooler. Here are a few carriers currently most discussed among toddler-wearing mothers.

Toddler Dream Carrier:
Andrea, the founder of Dream Carrier, started making carriers herself when she was pregnant with her daughter. Her carriers found fame just by word of mouth and are now one of the most loved carriers in the baby wearing world.
The Toddler Soft Structured Carriers start at $125, with additional custom options available. You can join Andrea's Yahoo group to get notices of when she lists open custom slots, which are weekly and the turn-around time is 5-6 weeks.

Reportedly one of the most expensive customs, and getting a custom slot is the only way you can probably get one.
The carrier is built to fit big kids and preschoolers up to 5 years of age. It has a unique combination of a high head rest (so your child can take a comfortable nap) and low sides (so they can still ride with their arms out). Kanga users rarely look for anything else after trying on this one as this really is one of the most comfortable carriers for heavier kids.
Join Bloo Kangaroo's Yahoo Group for pricing and how to buy a customs slot.

Olives and Applesauce:
O&A's most recent addition to their already great carriers came in the summer of last year, when they started adding a harness or infant seat. "It is both a safety feature and one of convenience that allows you to use the same carrier from birth until you are no longer needing your carrier. It is also a great option if you will need to carry both a toddler and a newborn but don't want to buy two separate carriers."
You can find a standard O&A full buckle carrier readily available in many beautiful prints, or order a custom with an 18" body for taller children. Carriers start at $155 for the extended body version.

Mei-Favorite Toddler Buckle Carrier:
By far the most affordable carrier in this post. (Infact, I'm still not convinced and am wondering if I need to investigate about the "true" price.) Starting at just *take a deep breath* $95. "These women work in their homes and communities with other women and are paid far more for their stitching and sewing than they would make if working in an industry or sweatshop environment away from their family. These are FAIR TRADE products, you do not have to worry about thaT issue here at all!"
These are only the most favorite carriers for toddler and beyond toddler wearing. As the trend of wearing bigger kids is only a "cult" activity as one baby wearing father says, the companies are still making them on demand. If waiting for a customs slot is not the thing for you, you can always spend a few minutes on the For Sale or Trade forums on, or post an In Search Of thread explaining what you're looking for. Many regulars on the board keep circulating their carriers to fund new ones and you're sure to find something that suits your needs.

If you know and have tried other carriers that you want to recomment for mothers wishing to wear their toddlers, please leave a link in the comments and tell us why you love them, Thank you -Ayesha

Monster's Books: Everywhere Babies

Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers and Marla Frazee

We borrowed this book from our local library and Monster was truly in love with it. She loved pointing out the babies as they go about their day. She kisses them and exclaims out the pictures of things and animals she recognizes.

We loved this one because of the very cute pictures of different baby carriers in the "Everyday and Everywhere, babies are carried" part. (As I am looking through the book just now, Monster came over cooing, 'babies babies' and has taken the book from my hands).

Among strollers and carseats, there are several instances of parents carrying their little ones in slings and on their backs. This is wonderful for Monster to see and she points out the babies in the carriers each time.

I'll keep adding more children's books with Baby wearing instances in the same post and the link to this post will be made available on the sidebar. Come back soon to find more books that include Attachment Parenting and babywearing.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Meet Sunnymom and Baby wearer, Beth

MonsterHugs: What attracted you to babywearing beyond the infant years?

Beth: I live in a fourth floor walk-up and it’s just easier for me to carry Sarina in my carrier than carry a stroller. Also, I like to be able to talk to Sarina while I run my errands rather than have her facing out from me in the stroller. I also like the closeness of being able to carry her, especially because I really feel like the time we have together is limited since I work full time.

MonsterHugs: How many carriers did you try before settling on your current carrier, and what is your current carrier?

Beth: I started with the Moby Wrap and used that until Sarina was 4 months old. I liked the softness and I liked to do errands around the house with her inside. But when I felt that when she got heavier, I needed more support. So, I went to the Baby Bjorn. I liked using the baby bjorn cover for her-like a sleeping bag over her whole body, it was great, especially in the winter time. I always kept her facing me, although my husband wore her facing out. He also refused to wear the moby wrap since he could never figure out the straps. When Sarina was eleven months old, the bjorn started to really hurt my back. Wearing her was a chore. So, I got the ergo, which is what I still use now. I would have gotten the ergo from day one, had I known about it. I didn’t know about it til Sarina was eleven months old and I started to research new carriers. I love the ergo. I still use it all the time. I keep Sarina in front most of the time, although if we are going for a long walk, I will put her on my back. I took Sarina to Ireland when she was one and the ergo was great for our hikes. She also used to sleep while she was in it and I loved having the head cover.

MonsterHugs: Everyone has times when they stop and think “How do I carry the diaper bag.” What do/did you do with your diaper bag when baby wearing?

Beth: The diaper bag keeps falling off my shoulder and onto my wrist. It’s annoying and still hard to carry the diaper bag, my purse and groceries, etc. I usually will just try to take a mini diaper bag and put my wallet in there too. Or I will just shove some money into the front pocket of the ergo if I am going grocery shopping and not bring a diaper bag.

MonsterHugs: What is the best comment you have received from strangers when out and about?

Beth: They usually just comment on how happy Sarina is when I talk to her or sing to her.

MonsterHugs: What is the worst/strangest comment you have heard from strangers?

Beth: Isn’t she heavy? Doesn’t she hurt your back? I usually don’t get anything but positive comments though when I am carrying her, especially in an airport. We go to the airport with no stroller and no car seat, it’s great. Rent a car seat when we get there and buy an umbrella stroller or go without. She doesn’t go crazy and run around at the terminal and she is easy to contain through security. And, we don’t have a ton of bags. I used to carry her in my front and my pump backpack on my back. I guess you just get used to carrying lots of things, at least I had to because of my living situation.

About Beth Pocius:
I am an associate attorney for the New York Supreme Court law department. Bryan is my husband and we moved here almost three years ago from Brooklyn. We have lived all over Brooklyn and Manhattan and we love Sunnyside. I am originally from Connecticut. Sarina was born in April 2008 and her current favorite activity is kicking and throwing a rubber ball that I picked up from our mother/daughter trip to FAO Schwartz (I took her on the bus, in the ergo). My husband is a musician in his spare time and plays in two bands and writes his own music. I also used to play the piano and flute and I really need to get started again! I enjoy going for long walks, hiking, playing with my cat zeke, and spending time with my family.