Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Stash is Bigger than Yours

Diving into baby wearing is seriously risky business. Once you discover the convenience of one baby carrier, it's only natural to wonder how a different one will make life even easier.

Man never stops striving for the best. And neither does darn Didymos!

Even WAHM mommies making the carriers are constantly improving their wares. Some have looks you just have to try, some get so many rave reviews you don't want to feel left out of the love, and some are custom so you start dreaming about having a carrier made with the same fabric as your favorite outfit. The cycle never stops, so it's good to set out some rules before you even start navigating the Chatter's Paradises.

These are some of the rules I stand by when falling prey to carriers:

Rule #1: No more than two of any thing. Two wraps, two structured carriers, two slings and my stash doesn't budge until I can move something out.

Rule #2: One of the two have to be dad-friendly. Monster's dad has a Bamberoo structured carrier in neutral colors and with scooter print. Mine is a flowery print that screams femininity.

Our car-carrier when Monster was younger: Zolo ring sling

Our toddler-car-carrier: Bamberoo SSC

Rule #3: One carrier should always be left in the car. You can use this compromise to have three of something, unless your significant other only carries the baby when going out and use the car every time. In that case, leave the daddy print carrier in the car. Moms can pull off a boyish print every single time, but it takes a rare species of man to willingly sport sparkly pink *my hats off to those that can*.

Rule #4: If you absolutely have to try something new, something old has to go to finance it. Not only does this save you money, it also saves space. Remember the rule of the happy Danish people "Less stuff, more life."

Rule #5: Each child should have only one legacy wrap. Yes, yes, they all have emotional attachments to it; cut half a meter and sell the rest. Blankeys are easier to store and can be framed into art later.

Monster's legacy wrap: A DIY gauze.

I'll end this post with this cute photograph of our the-angelic Monster. Her hands can grab a lot more things now, can pull off my scarf, yank out fist-fulls of hair, steal chocolates from the check-out line at Foodtown and clamber out at will. These days when she does let me carry her on my back, she wraps her tiny arms around mine and presses against me and kissing my back at the same time, before promptly falling asleep.

Hug your babies, enjoy life.

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