Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mother's talk about the Top Reasons to Baby Wear

This topic cropped up in TheBabyWearer.com and we read some very interesting and consistent opinions. Here are a few direct quotes from what the mothers are saying.

michelle_pettiohn says: Stairs! For me, I love being able to go up and down stairs easily while carrying DD instead of having to go out of my way to find an escalator or a ramp. That would be on my top ten list, with snuggles being #1.

Emmsmama makes a list:

1. Keeps baby close to mom or dad for snuggles.
2. Baby sees more because he's up at the level where things are happening.
3. Baby gets more eye-to-eye contact with you and others because he's at adult eye level.
4. Good for baby's developing balance because of the movement they experience in a carrier.
5. Mom and dad can build up their muscles carrying baby
6. Can breastfeed discreetly.
7. Don't have to lug an awkward and heavy baby bucket seat around.
8. Carrier can be tucked away in diaper bag when not in use.
9. Keep baby safe/out of danger's way in parking lot, airport or other busy areas.
10. Can carry baby all day if necessary when they are feeling unwell but you still have to tend to other children or get household chores done.

Lachicalocates says and Minaku agrees: Blessed silence; I don’t have a screaming baby all the time.

thtr4me shops and finds baby wearing a great help: No need to attempt maneuvering a stroller through a crowded shopping center!

mama2blee says: No wheels to get stuck in snow or uneven pavement, and we have plenty of both here. Seriously I found getting stuck so maddening it was a top reason why I started wearing so much.

Not taking up so much space when out in public. Not getting stuck in store isles.

Nichi points out the obvious: Getting a carrier in and out of the car/house is MUCH MUCH easier than getting a stroller in and out of the car/house!!

Lilknitter sings praises: Travelling naptime!
Mommy-fitness: I lost my pregnancy weight waaaay faster than all my stroller-mom friends. My other babywearing friends had the same experience, plus my core myscles are really strong now. It's constant weight training!

And my favorite was from mom2howmany: The 4th trimester, you know, in those early months when they sleep a lot you can literally sling them and forget them as if you were still pregnant!

[Editor’s comment] Oh yes, I literally laughed out loud at this, as this is absolutely true!

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  1. Here's one that wasn't mentioned--babies look so cuuuuuuute in them! Little heads sticking out of a carrier make me happy.

    Also, I find carrying Melody keeps her warmer in the winter. Because she's snuggled under my coat, she has much less exposure to the cold air.