Thursday, April 29, 2010

Babywearing on the Go

Last month Monster and I were on our own taking Istanbul's sights and sounds in. We ditched the stroller for our Bamberoo Baby delux full buckle tie and never looked back.

At the airport: Before boarding even though we tried to keep her up by walking her around, Monster began showing signs of crashing but was so entertained that despite her cranky mood, she couldn't wind down. Ten minutes of back carrying next to a window and talking about the plane parked right outside, I brought a zonked out baby back to the waiting area to silent applause from the passengers sitting next to us.

Istanbul streets and bazaars: I didn't hear one negative comment or a snarky look anywhere in Istanbul. Monster's sweet ride was appreciated and exclaimed upon everywhere, especially in crowded bazaars where steering strollers probably should require a road test and license. It was a good thing Monster is cute, there could have been many upset shop keepers who had to frequently rescue their hanging clothes from Monster's clutches. From her position, she could reach most anything dangly. Wisely, I stayed out of lamp shops.

Lastly, one of the most frequent sighting in Istanbul. At least they're starting out--a little more time and they'd be weaving their own wraps the likes of Pamir and Rosies.

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