Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh Snap! So simple!

I've been routinely asked my opinion on Baby Hawk's answer to Ergo, their very own structured, full buckle carrier: Oh Snap!

The only time previously I had touched on of these was when I was suddenly requested to spot a baby as the dad tried to put him in one of these. We struggled with adjustments, the chest belt came off, the waist belt was not extending... At that time I thought a more appropriate name for the carrier should have been Oh Crap!

Recently, I had the opportunity to try it on myself (and a doll as Monster was not cooperating, and when does she ever anyway?). The chest belt was as intimidating as ever, even after figuring out the easy way to clip it back on the tracks...there was too much plastic, too many snappable ends that looked alike, too much going on.

However, when it came to comfort once it was on, it reminded me of my own beloved Bambaroo Full Buckle. The waist belt is just as wide and structured, and the straps very comfortably padded. I can see how this can become a great alternative to the toddler carrier. Just to make sure, I laid them both out to compare the sizes.

Bambaroo on bottom, Oh Snap! on top.

The bodies on both Bambaroo and Oh Snap! are the same height, the width is almost the same with a slight inward curve on the body on the Oh Snap, where chubby toddler legs would hang out.

The straps are the same width as are the waist bands. The biggest difference really is the lack of a sleephood and many parents already feel they can do without one. Personally, we find it very usefuls as it not only saves Monster's head from the sun while she sleeps, it also lends a support so I don't have to hold her lolling head as I walk around.

My other issue again was with the chest straps: I don't need them to be falling off the tracks every time I try to adjust the height. I have other things to worry about. I was especially concerned with what would happen if they fell off while I was trying to adjust them on my back. The thought bothers me: I'd have to take the entire thing off, try to find a place to make sure Monster doesn't run off, while I squint and struggle with fixing straps.

I'd rate it a 3 out of 5, for this reason. For people who love the comfort of a fully adjustable buckle carrier but can't wait for custom spots from wahm carrier manufacturers, this is a reasonably good alternative.

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