Friday, October 7, 2011

Wearing in the Kitchen

When Monster had started crawling and looking for me way back when, my mom had asked me "How are you going to get your errands done if she's always asking for you?" For a person who suffers from a lot of anxieties in life, this strangely did not cause any anxiety. Not even for a minute.

I'll just wear her, I told my mom.

We've kept the tradition going with Baby Falafal. At a healthy 6 months old, he is a champion crawler and can hunt me down the miles of hallway that separates our bedrooms and living areas. He's also a cry baby...not a minute will pass before he realizes that he is alone in a room and his wails start piercing the air.

On the other hand, it is quite dangerous to leave the little electricity whore alone in the room. Where Monster used to leave the power outlets and cords alone (except the occasional chewed camera cord), little Falafal seems to want to be electri-fried. It is much easier on my nerves of course, then to have him safe on my back and not be in another room getting jolted.

So whenever my kitchen asks for my undivided attention, I make sure the baby is secure on my back, far from spattering oil drops, flames, knives and the rogue pepper.

What do you think? Is this something that can make your life easier?
Photo credit: Back to the Future, Christopher Lloyd
Wrap: Didymos Agave 4, Jordan's Back Carry.

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