Monday, January 16, 2012

The simple act of making a bed

When Wizard and I got married, I used to plan my hectic morning something like this: Get ready, make the bed, make breakfast, eat breakfast, grab books, college(for me)/work(for him). I had to time making the bed because it needed to be just right. The sheets needed to be firmly tucked around corners again, the comforters folded down at pillow height, a bed spread over the whole thing and a few accent pillows arranged carefully.

Wizard would laugh at me then. "You're not even going to see your bed again till bedtime. Why do you need to make it when it's going to get messed up again?" Ah, yes, the typical bachelor thinking. On days when he offered to make the bed, we'd come home to mysterious lumps under the spreads, my missing glasses under the pillow, a book by my feet, etc.

It took several years, but I can now claim that he must have felt infinitely better relaxing in the made (by me) bed at the end of the day because now, he too takes care to perfect the little things before he leaves for work.

Our new routine now also includes airing the rooms because it just makes the room a lot more fresh than any air freshener. Occasionally, on a sunny day I'll even sun the comforters and pillows to sanitize the fillings.

The best part about a nicely made bed is that rare five minute break when both kids are asleep, or busy so I can escape for a bit and go to my bedroom. The clean room, free of clutter not only gives me space to breathe, but also helps me clear my mind of clutter and noises. Everyday when I make our bed, I'm actually looking forward to stepping back inside the room, just to take one more peek at the organized scene. It's like a reminder, that with a little bit effort, I can also organize and de-clutter my mind.

If you're reading this, please share in the comments a daily routine that you practice that helps you find peace and balance during the day.


  1. Ah how I wish I could do the whole bed-making every morning thing - I start and then a few days in, there's a lump in the middle where I left the dressing gown before pulling up the sheet and then it's all downhill from there, but you've inspired me to give the organised room another shot. Ask me in a week how it's going!
    For me, it's cooking dinner. It can be as simple as spaghetti carbonara, doesn't have to be fancy; I just need to chop up some stuff and push it round in a pan. It's my signal the day's winding on down. It's therapy. Reflection. Much as I love getting takeout, those nights just aren't quite the same.

  2. More power to you sister. Personally, I hate cooking...I even dislike heating up food! I have recently starting cooking 2 days worth of food in one night after kids are in bed...and I do get a sense of satisfaction when stowing that food away that I don't have to cook for the next two days! Another therapy chore for me is ironing, a recent discovery.

  3. I love cleaning up all my utensils while cooking (i.e the knife and vegetable board while the pot is simmering), so I can sit down to eat and know that I don't have to clean up afterward. I loathe cleaning up afterward, because I'm usually full and happy and want to reminiscence in the nice food I just enjoyed. Naturally that doesn't work with all recipes, but predictably my favourite dishes are the ones that give me time to clean up while cooking. :-)