Saturday, February 27, 2010

The New Baby Bjorn

I always wodered if the designers at Baby Bjorn ever saw the carriers like Ergo, Beco or the mei tais and ever wondered "damn that looks comfortable for the parent!"

It was a mystery to me why Bjorn creaters wouldn't use a waist belt on their carriers. They have obviously spent a lot of time trying to make it user friendly, comfy and snuggly for the baby, why not spend a little more time in trying to make it comfortable for the parent? The narrow straps, awkward positioning and then lack of a waist belt, cannot be good for the the parent's shoulders.

I am so glad to report that they have indeed picked up a few pointers and here is their new Comfort Carrier.

Would you buy it? Add it to your registery? Give us a review? Share your thoughts with us below.


  1. I actually like the Bjorn active, but I am small, strong and my son is small. I can see how the new feature would be an improvement.

  2. I wouldn't buy it only because they are still on their site suggesting the "crotch dangling" position for babies as a health viable option which it isn't. But they are headed in the right direction so that is good. For now though I would only support the companies that know the froggy leg position is best for baby, like beco, calyx, babyhawk, ergo, yamo, connecta, bloo kangaroo, papatum, pikkolo and others. Awesome link, though, I sent it to my local babywearers group to check out.

    Laura E in Avon, IN
    mom to Will, aka "monkey" 10 mos