Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why Monster and I are taking a break

For the last few weeks I was feeling increasingly tired. Add to that Monster's everyday spunk, accidents, tantrums and demands and there was a very fatigued, depressed and stressed out mother in the house.

I reached the end of my nerve one Friday night while having a heart to heart with the Mr. O: while relating my day and how I was feeling, my pitch got higher and weirder till I noticed a glint of fear in Mr. O's eyes. I took a deep breathe, tried to relax and went to bed very early hoping for a refreshing sleep.

After 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep (thank you Mr. O), I woke up sadly, just as tired as I was the night before. Still, the show must go on and while the family too slept in, I went out for an early load of laundry. Alone in the laundromat, I began noticing the fatigue from just bending over the washing cart, and from just folding one table cloth. "This cannot be normal, even if I am close to AF, this is NOT normal!"

I did some research and decided to try out supplements. Now, I'm not a huge fan of vitamin pills, so if I am desperate enough to take one, that alone says something about how bad it got for me. At GNC on Queens Boulevard and 47th street, I got to chatting with the rep and she hooked me up with a bottle of Big 50 Vitamin B Complex, with the instructions to start with one pill a day unless I don't feel any different and then to increase to 2-a day.

I have been a much happier mama, much more patient and with enough energy for my toddler. Of course, now I want all my readers to take a look into their diet and remember to stay well nourished. I don't mind being a little dependent on vitamin supplements (until summer when I can find more vegetables in farmers' markets), to be a good mother to my child.

The fog has lifted and I'm catching up with spending quality time with my daughter instead of plopping her in front of tv and collapsing in tears.

Hugs for all the children, and for stressed out moms everywhere.

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