Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monster Takes the Highline

It's always a good idea to snap on an SSC when leaving for even a short walk...especially when Monster has just risen from a nap.

We left the car on 14th and 10th where we luckily found parking. I considered leaving the SSC because Monster has been preferring to walk on her own these days but in the last minute changed my mind and hung it around my waist 'just in case.'

Turns out it was a good idea as she was in that phase of wanting to cuddle and the crowd was not helping either. So we swung her up only a few yards down and there she remainded until she felt fresh enough to explore on her own.

For more images of our first trip to The Highline, see my daily photo blog here.


  1. my son went last summer, but thinking about going again this week!

  2. I was concerned about Monster tripping on the uneven path where they go into the bushes. can't they add a little elevated playground? Not much for the toddlers to do except run between legs.