Thursday, March 18, 2010

The sweetest person in the laundromat

UPDATE: Coming back from my long vacation, I met our laundromat lady again and asked her if she's still carrying her son. The answer was a definite yes and she excitedly told me she'd be carrying him for a long time because she got an updated version of the Bjorn that gives her hip support.


Could she be talking about this.

I wished her happy carrying and continued with my laundry. Hey, I had good intentions =)

Do you know the laundromat on 48th avenue between 40th street and 39th place? Do you go there often?

There is a little lady working there who had a beautiful baby boy a few months ago. When she was pregnant, she used to admire Monster in her various wraps and carriers and told me she wants to carry her baby when he arrives.

Now, every time I see her and her family around she really is always carrying her little a green Bjorn. Sometimes when she sees me, she excitedly points her carrier out to me. It is just.too.adorable!

If I could, I would gift her a nicer carrier, something like an Ergo or even another structured carrier to make babywearing really a gift for her. It would help her wear her baby longer and with even more pleasure. However, money even for us is short and it would be great if I can score even 5 donors to donate at least $20 each to fund a baby carrier scored from the FSOT forum on

What would you do? How would you do it? If I can find these 5 donors (me being the 6th one also donating $20+overage as required) I would have her featured on the blog and let her know who her beneficieries are.

Contact me (from the link on the side bar) if you're interested in donating, or have another idea on how to raise funds for this mama.

PS: I'll be looking around my home for items I can auction off for donations and raise funds that way. Stay tuned!


  1. Salams Ayesha--Have a baby carrier question for you. I have a one year old 20 pounds who is pretty severly delayed with very poor muscle tone. This means his trunk is really weak and he holds his head okay but not with the greatest neck strenght. I'm looking for a carrier for him and I think I'll probably be wanting to use it at least for a couple years as he's nowhere near walking yet. Do you have a reccomendation that isn't too ridiculously expensive? I have an "Over the Shoulder Baby Holder" carrier which is a ring sling type carrier that I hate and never use. It's seems like too much heavy fabric, very hot, and hurts my back alot. Any suggestions would be helpful since everytime I start looking at carriers my eyes just glaze over because there's so many choices. Thanks!

  2. Stephanie I think you may find a mei tai useful. Many of the styles have a high head rest that can help with keeping Y's head steady. Try looking for used carriers on the FSOT forum on or better yet, put out an In Search Of.
    Mei tais are basically the same structure as any asian inspired structured buckle carrier (Ergo, Beco etc) except they are a lot more adjustable.

  3. thanks for the recommendation! I think I'm going to try the baby k-tan. It has been recommended by several in the Down syndrome community. Thought you might find it interesting. Here's the link