Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happiest Baby in the Park

As most Sunnysiders probably noticed, today was not much of a park weather. Monster needs her time out however, and despite the threat of rain, we made our way to Lou Lodati park.

If it wasn't for the trains, you could have heard crickets.

The park was abandoned! In a corner though, I saw a flash of black and a splatter of color. Thank God, another mom who needed to breathe.

Moms, welcome fellow babywearing mom from Chicago, Elise who with her husband, two-and-a-half year old daughter V and ickle Luke moved to Sunnyside only a week ago. Say hi when you see her again and marvel at her Do-It-Yourself mei tai.


  1. Fun blog! I like the two-shoulder baby carriers better than the one-shoulder. Lots more comfy for me!

  2. Hey, glad you found your way here. I fixed the spelling of you name too. =) See you around!