Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Sunnyside!

Fall is even more fun when there is an actual excuse for grown women like me to get their hands down and dirty painting baby pumkins and decorating fall leaf wreathes.

Monster gives me that reason and sometimes I see my husband give me weird looks as if trying to figure out "who exactly are we here for? The toddler or the mommy?"

This year, we joined the Harvest Festival organized by NYC Parks Department at Gantry Plaza (one of the other parks we frequent besides Lou Lodati). We "frequent" that park so much in fact that Monster actually has friends she remembers by name there. We joined a small group of other moms and their tots and got our hands (and clothes) dirty painting pumpkins.

I happily strung a fall leaf wreath together to hang at our door even though back in my mind I knew it won't last there a day. I have such a bad allergy to dead leaves, preserved or not, that even cut flowers are not allowed to stay in our home once they start to look anything less than happy. We've thrown many a fresh-flower bouquets out because I'd go on a sneezing rampage and be miserable until the flowers are thrown out and I have vaccuumed and mopped the apartment sterile.

It was a fun day and only the beginning. Tonight we'll be joining our friends in Sunnyside for some trick or treating with the tots. Though, I'm not sure if Monster will be allowed any candy afterwards *insert evil laughter*. No, for real though! She starts talking all funny and fast..very fast if she eats even one snack sized chocolate.

Kinda like me on a sugar high...only hyper charged only because she is not 2 and not 27.


  1. Okay, random comment. First-who I am-I "met" you first on the Ivillage Fireflies board (I am josiesmom, but I have always been an infrequent poster at best). Anyways, I know you are the baby carrying guru, so I had a question for you. I have always used my Moby, and I LOVE it. But I am preggo again, and wanted to get a mei tai-which one do you recommend-Kozy Carrier? Freehand? Babyhawk? There are SO many to choose from, that I am a bit overwhelmed!

  2. Great idea for a new post Brandi. I hope the new post helps you make a decision.

  3. Thanks! Your new post was really helpful! :)

  4. You're welcome =) Now you have me intrigued once again to find a mei tai for the new bub due next year. I'm sure Wizard is going to protest lolz.