Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Asian Style: Mei Tai carrier choices

Brandi, this is for you =)
Brandi asked my opinion on which among Kozy, Freehand and Babyhawk are better options for a new baby.
I've used Angelpack, Freehand and Babyhawk with Monster as she was a little one. I found each of them plenty comfortable but ended up with Babyhawk as it had the design that Monster's dad liked the best.

There are however, subtle differences between the structure in the carriers.

Kozy carriers are Apron-tie style. There are differences of opinion on apron-tie being more or less comfortable than non-apron ties. There is no padding, or structure to the waist band in an apron-tie carrier, so there may be less support. On the other hand, the apron-tie gives a much better seat to the baby and some people may find that easier on the hips.
Kozy Carrier pic credits

Freehand is another Apron style carrier. (Freehand. Pic credits

Both Kozy and Freehand have nice wide shoulder straps, though not as padded as Babyhawk.

Babyhawk is a non-apron style carrier. The waist band however is not padded nor very wide (unless they've changed the design since I last used it) and in my experience (as well as alleged by other users) tends to roll over under baby's weight.
(Babyhawk mei tai. Pic credit

None of the carriers mentioned here have contoured bodies or sleep hoods, though you can buy a separate attachment that fits all carriers. Kozy and Freehand have thinner head rests, Babyhawk's is the highest and stiffest headrest, but can be folded over.

These are all safe carriers and manufacturer will recommend them to be tied apron or non-apron depending on the structure of the carrier. It all boils down to which one is most comfortable on YOUR body type.

I'd recommend trying all three out before you buy. If there is no babywearing store close to where you live, it might be worthwhile to buy gently used carriers from the For Sale or Trade community on and then trade or resell whichever doesn't work for you.

Let me know if this was helpful or not. Enjoy!

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  1. Helpful post! After lots of research I ended up with the mei tai babyhawk. I found it to be comfortable and easier to put on than other carriers.