Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A new look at Simple Pieces of Cloth

Followers of this or my other daily (sort-of) blog will have learned by now that the Ozturk family is expecting another little addition by the end of March next year. For that reason, I have been pretty much MIA while I stalk For Sale or Trade forums on TheBabyWearer community.

There are so many new wraps to try that I want to buy all of them if only to trade them back for EVEN MORE wraps as I go through the new releases and the yummy blends of different fabrics. Of course, like in every other family in NYC, money is an issue and I'm holding off on buying anything until an older carrier we used occasionally for Monster sells. It's a sad realization, but Monster doesn't ask to be carried anymore, (unless she spots her ringsling, which is another issue because now I need a more supportive ring sling for the times she want to be held) and this carrier is expendable (haha).

I had to reconsider my drooling over expensive wraps however, when as I was tying Monster's original gauze legacy wrap (that I made myself) our other friends started talking about my $200 wraps. One of them remarked "but it's just a piece of cloth!" I felt defensive and was about to repeat the usual speil of "they are specifically made for this purpose to give the proper support without causing pressure points." I may actually have ventured into the speil but held back...


Some expensive German-engineered wraps gave me pressure points too. One was so slippery that the knots wouldn't hold, and I kept trying at it because it was just beautiful.

Wouldn't I keep trying to make a beautiful fabric work even if I had bought it in a discount fabric bin at JoAnn's?

My mission for December now is to visit JoAnn's and to find a fabric that will become ChickPea's legacy made-by-mommy wrap just like Monster's is.

Will I will brag just the same about its qualities as I would of a $200 wrap? We'll have to wait and see.

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