Monday, March 7, 2011

How I plan on doing it!

After lobbying for it for a very long time, almost since after I peed on a stick and got the big fat positive, my mom has finally deigned to come stay with us for a few weeks. She finally relented after I told her how a sleepy Monster begged me and made me carry her up three flights...while I am 36 weeks pregnant. I had had to drag Monster's little sleepy tush out of the warm bed to drop off Wizard to his park-and-ride early one cold morning and she was pissed to say the least. If my mom was here, I can at least leave Monster at home while I drive 5 minutes out to pick and drop Wizard off for his work commute.

So, now here she is and she is wondering "How will [I] continue to manage a baby and a toddler once my mom has left again?"

My other biggest concern for having a baby in the house has been Monster and her often unsolicited hugs and embraces--all while very appropriate for another toddler or an adult, may possibly be overwhelming for a newborn left in a bouncer on the floor...easy access to a squishable new baby!

These concerns of course don't take up more than a few seconds of my time because if anything else can save my ass, babywearing will.

Morning commute: Monster will have to get used to still waking up to drop her father off, but in case she's cranky and needs a piggy ride up the stairs, it will be more than easy to do so if the baby is securely tied on my front and not lying inside a 25lb bucket seat.

My time away from the family room while I am cooking/cleaning/doing laundry/taking a bathroom break, I won't have to necessarily leave the newborn squish within the toddler's reach. I can always wrap him up on my back, or carry him in a ring sling if I know Monster is being particularly boisterous and not to be trusted alone with the piece of human flesh. (Are any species of toddlers to be trusted with anything smaller then them?)

So while babywearing was a life saver with ONE baby and her tendency to nap for 5 minute stretches unless I was napping next to her, I am so blessed to have this tool to help me with two, especially when the Monster has recently mastered the art of climbing over gates, cribs, ironing boards etc.

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