Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby wearing and acting--NOT kidding!

From since before I went to Turkey, my good friend Emilie and I had been talking about me possibly playing a Muslim mom on a short film she wrote. So over the last weekend, Emilie and I and some of our other mom friends worked on Other Peoples' Houses. For the first day of shooting, all our scenes were around the neighborhood and in Lou Loudati park on 4oth and Skillman Avenue.

Monster was the perfect diva; she slept in that morning, wouldn't stay in her clothes and created a huge fuss when she saw a piece of egg yolk sticking to her egg whites. She was however a very good toddler once worn. Her friends kept handing her snack and craisins from their trikes and while walking beside us.

One funny incident happened: While waiting inside El Shater on 43rd and 43rd for my cue to walk out and run into Emilie, I heard some women talk about me and the store owner tell them "It's her own daughter" and then he came over to confirm it with me. After I told him "Yes, she's my daughter, all the kids in the shoot are our own," I heard the woman scoff some more "Is she even Muslim?"

If I wasn't waiting for my cue, I would have totally fallen out of character and either a. started cracking up or b. pulled my bee-Otch on and went "and what does it mattah to you sistah?"

Anywhooo... I'm going to give El Shater's owner Hassan a shout out here. Go and try his spinach pies...(but stay away from the dried fruit and nuts, they're over priced and stale--not a good combination.)

Play nice ladies!

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