Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Great Idea gone very bad

On my way to taking Monster to LL park this noon, I saw this guy who looked like my friend's husband John from a block away. Of course, the little bub cradling inside a stretchy wrap gave him away. The resemblence though may have given me the courage previously lacking.

"He looks like JOHN! And he has a BABY! How cool would it be to have the two of them share a post on babywearing dads" and then the worst mistake "Let me follow and ask to take his picture."

So I chase the poor man down and introduce myself as well as I could while excitedly beginning to find the camera function on my phone. By the time I had shot out the name of the blog and explained the monster and hugs part of the blog name, I may or may not have scared the crap out of the new father.

Needless to say, the guy backed away from me as if he heard a ticking somewhere on me.

So, dear new dad, if you managed to indeed see this blog, I assure you I'm not going to blow up not crazy and even though I may seem like it the way I accost babywearers, I have my intentions straight.

Secondly, do congratulate your better half if she did indeed help you in turning out that perfect cradle carry. Not many people can achieve that hold with a stretchy wrap and you should be proud of yourself.

The offer to publish a picture here still stands, and entries can be sent through Email Monster's Momma link to the right.

Till the next time I run down meet a babywearing dad or a mom using something unconventional, I'm considering having a custom made sign for Monster's stroller:

"My other ride is a German Engineering 100% Cotton wrap"

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