Sunday, May 30, 2010

Race ON!

We started the Memorial Day Weekend this year with a huge bang (although 24 hrs later, I'm regretting the exertion on my poor legs). Our friends suggested a hike and I suggested trying the Bambaroo instead of using their usual Kelty carrier.

We had the usual discussion over how much a Kelty weights, pros and cons etc. over breakfast but they were totally open for trying anything new.

If I say so myself, I think they loved it! Yay! My friend and I carried our 2 year old and 23 month old respectively, but when it came to a long hike up a steep hill, we unanimously decided to use the power of dramatics-of-a-tired wife and loaded the kids on to our husbands' backs. As the men, Wizard and Oguz neared the hill, I tried to avoid the accusing glances Wizard started throwing towards me. Too late buddy, start laboring up!

To our surprise, the men as is typical of them, started bragging as they breezed the hike.

So just for the sake of fun, my friend and I tried to egg them on to race each other and they listened, as is also typically hehehe.

I can't imagine how much fun the two kids had on their way up! Weeeeeeee


  1. where did you go hiking? Im dying to take C in the carrier.

  2. Somewhere in Huntington Long Island. I have NO idea...lolz, ahem, I was having an OCD moment with my skin and sunscreen lotions.