Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Babywearing Workshops at Metro Minis

I knew it was off to a weak start when the mom-of-honor, Cemile was late half an hour in to the workshop. Great job mom! Now you know absolutely nothing about the safety and precautions that should be taken when babywearing.

She's lucky I was there and have fantastic memory.

Koyuko, our instructor is this fabulous lady that also gives Elimination Communication workshops and which was my first workshop with her. I was already happy to see her again giving the babywearing workshop!

Some pointers that I would like to remind readers here as well:

Adults have an S-shaped spine and babies have a C-shaped spine. Carriers with straight backs, and which are structured so babies can be "dropped" into them instead of the carrier adjusting to the baby, are detrimental to optimum development of the spine.

According to this fact, best carriers for infant wearing would be:
Ring slings
Soft structured mei-tais, in that order.

Babies, when you pick them up in the air, automatically scrunch their legs up into a froggy-fold. This the best position for their hips to continue a healthy development. In any carrier, an infant (and older babies) should be carried with their thighs splayed away from the torse, knees higher than the hips (and spine allowed to curve into its natural C-shape.)

A mom raised the concern for having ankles bent in an awkward position and not being aware. Koyuko confirmed again, as we all know, babies will let us know if they are uncomfortable. The mom can always reach inside the carrier, find the feet and readjust them any time.

Cemile and Seyhan walked in just as Koyuku started demonstrating stretchy wraps. As I was wondering, "Oye, I hope Cemile doesn't get turned off by the lenght of that wrap," out of the corner of my eye I say Cemile's shoulders shudder. She turned to me and went "That's too complicated for me." about a ring sling?


Ooooh BECO!!!

So she falls in love with the 4th (5th?) Generation Beco. The stars in her eyes didn't dim even as Koyuko demonstrated how easily someone can walk behind the mom and click the waist belt open (trying to show that that cannot be done with a mei tai.) Fortunately for Cemile, the Beco DOES come with an inner harness so that even if a crazy passerby DOES click open the waist belt, the baby wouldn't actually fall through.

Phew! Thank you Beco people.

Side note: Camera is en-route to Sony repair center in Texas. I'll be missing out on visual aids till it comes back, hopefully transformed into a DSLR....a girl can dream.

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