Saturday, July 3, 2010

Steal of the Week

About time you bought your kid an Inspired by Finn Amber necklace!

(ducking because I haven't bought any myself yet. Monster just kinda stopped teething by the time I figured out how it worked.)

So I'll make it simpler for you. Amber is an ancient resin that has certain oils released by the warmth of our body that can protect us against a bunch of bad things including cell phone and microwave radiations. There, peaked your interest? Do some research but be quick, Inspired by Finn has discounts of upto 40% on kids items till July 5th if you blog/post/tweet about them.

THE PURCHASE OF YOUTH AMBER NECKLACES size 11” TO 16”, THE BALTIC AMBER NECKLACE ALTERNATIVE, LEG WARMERS or TIGHTS. All other items (including hazelwood jewelry and adult amber are not eligible).

BEFORE YOU ARE ABLE TO USE THE DISCOUNT CODE we need your help advertising this sale! We need you to post about this sale somewhere online and post a link back to this page. You can post your link on any online board(s) where you are active. Once you have posted link(s) to help us advertise our sale, post to this thread with links to the posts you’ve created. The more places you post, the greater discount you earn!

Here is the discount code to use once you’ve done this. If you create:

ONE link online to advertise our sale, the code for you to save 20% is: onelink
TWO links online to advertise our sale, the code for you to save 30% is: 2links
THREE links online to advertise our sale, the code for you to save 40% is: 3links

This code can be entered during the checkout process.

This offer is good through July 5. Our round-bead styles are our best-stocked items.

Be our guest to share this post with friends and family who might like participate.
(Pictured, pumpkin butter bean necklace, my choice for Monster)
(Photo credit Inspired by Finn)

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